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Skill Up Your  
Business Through Apprenticeships

Building the future workforce today.

Apprentice Georgia helps Georgia businesses develop and expand Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). RAPs transform workers into industry-leading talent.

Why Apprenticeships?

Awards provide up to $10,000 per apprentice to the employer upon RAP completion.

Receive awards for 
up to 5 Apprentices.

Employers are eligible to 
receive an initial payment 
of $2,500 per apprentice.

Only takes ~15 
minutes to apply.

CLICK HERE for HDCI Program Guidelines

Receive Funding 
for Your Business.

The 6 Components
of a Registered
Apprenticeship Program:

Apprentices are paid employees.

Apprentices develop and gain mastery of skills.

Apprentices learn job related skills and acquire occupational knowledge.

Each apprentice has a dedicated mentor at their employer.

Apprentices gain nationally recognized credentials.

“The apprenticeship program has been fantastic for us.”

- Steve Olive,
Owner of Oasis Aviation
Georgia Business Owner

Why Apprenticeships?

CLICK HERE for HDCI Program Guidelines

The HDCI Program provides funding to Georgia employers to incentivize the creation and expansion of Registered Apprenticeship Programs throughout the state. This program aimed to both upskill Georgians and increase skilled talent within Georgia’s high-demand industries.

HDCI Program Participants

Apprentices earn as they learn with competitive wage increases.